In 2003 Mônica Nador founded JAMAC - Jardim Miriam Arte Clube, a nonprofit organization located in the southern outskirts of São Paulo city, dedicated to the local community; a response to the lack of options for art and cultural centers in the area. It started as an open studio dedicated to the local population where free art workshops were offered with the intent of promoting an actual transformation in the community. The idea follows up Nador’s ongoing project Paredes Pinturas, created in 1998, which proposes the artistic painting of houses in the city outskirts.VIEW MORE.
Several activities are held at JAMAC throughout the year, such as stencil workshops, digital cinema workshops, editing and production as well as philosophical cafes. In 2012 a silkscreen print studio was set up at the place, with the purpose of generating income for sustainability and training people in the community.  An average of 300 people attends workshops, classes and debates held at JAMAC monthly. The place also congregates community meetings and artistic sessions.

Contact info: Mônica Nador monica@jamac.org.br
Contact info:
Mônica Nador